Our Team

Denise Tench

Editor and Founder, Travel.Art.Coffee

Hi, I’m Denise, owner and editor of Travel.Art.Coffee.com and a prizewinning travel writer.

Between the hours of 9-5, I disguise myself as a content and SEO specialist, while in my superhero hours, I love travelling, writing, art and uuuh, coffee.

While I’m originally from Liverpool, I’ve lived in Manchester, UK, for 16 years. This city is a magnet that just keeps pulling me back.

The world is always calling and I can’t keep still for long.

I’ve been lucky enough to see many incredible countries and take some of the world’s most amazing journeys. Whether it’s standing on the end of the earth in Ushuaia, winding through Patagonia, hanging with babushkas on the Trans-Siberian Express or playing the coin machines in Blackpool, if there’s an adventure to be had, sign me up.

I’ve been writing since I can remember and have been working for travel publications, voluntarily and professionally, for over a decade. 

Find me elsewhere on the web: 

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I’m also on Couchsurfing to meet travellers passing through my adopted hometown of Manchester for a tour, coffee, beer or chat. Come and say hi!

Greg Bennett

Photographer, Travel.Art.Coffee

Meet Greg, a photographer for Travel.Art.Coffee. He’s crazy about top-quality fresh food, his beautiful bicycle, Wimbledon and of course, cameras. Oh and he makes the best vegan enchilada in the Eastern hemisphere.