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Denise Tench Travel.Art.Coffee
Me, Paris, Cake and Coffee = 😀

Hi, I’m Denise, owner and editor of and a prizewinning travel writer.

Between the hours of 9-5, I disguise myself as an SEO and marketing consultant. I live in Manchester, UK, a place I find myself coming back to time and time again.

The world is always calling and I can’t keep still for long.

I’ve been lucky enough to see many incredible countries and take some of the world’s most amazing journeys – from the Trans-Siberian Express to the far reaches of Japan, the heights of New York City to big, bad Blackpool.

Yep, I’ll go pretty much anywhere – as long as I have my pen and a coffee.

I’ve been writing since I can remember and have been working for travel publications, voluntarily and professionally, for several years.

Aside from, here is my work elsewhere on the web:

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I am also on Couchsurfing to meet travellers passing through my adopted hometown of Manchester for coffee, beer or chat. Come say hi!