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Blackpool Art Comes to Manchester

Blackpool Art

As a Northerner in my early 30s, the word ‘Blackpool’ conjures flashbacks to childhood day trips along with a torrent of other images. Trams, large candy dummies, fish and chips, tooth-assaulting rock, Mick Hucknall on a rollercoaster and the illuminated faces of Coronation Street characters floating past painfully slowly through the sunroof of a 1980s Astra Estate.

It’s safe to say that since my early teens, Blackpool has barely crossed my mind as anything but a nostalgic flashback. This is actually pretty strange for someone who has spent a lot of time exploring nearby arts scenes, galleries and anything remotely creative for miles around. Why not Blackpool? Good question and one I hadn’t asked myself until I saw this upcoming exhibition announced today by Kosmonaut.

The Northern Quarter bar-slash-arts-space is hosting a ‘Best of Blackpool’ exhibition for two weeks between Thursday 4th and Thursday 18th May.

According to the description, the aim of bringing the exhibition to Manchester is to highlight and promote artists living and working in the Blackpool area.

“They are all part of the local art community and are coming together to show people their city and what it has to offer. Being a group show, there will be a great range of materials and styles to be viewed.

If you wish to see for yourselves the breadth of our talent, then we invite you to come view, review and enjoy.”

Not only is art on agenda on the opening night, but attendees are promised performances by Blackpool musicians and “cocktails inspired by Blackpool”.

You had us at ‘cocktails’ – we will surely be coming down to check out this event and have our ignorant 90s-tinges specs removed for a glimpse of the arts scene and those driving it into the future. Speaking of which, the artists exhibiting are as follows.

Jamie Cook


John Marc Allen

Will Bentham


Dawn Mander

John Tree

Carlito Juanito

Laura Thompson

Ailsa Riahnnon

Infected by Design

Brendan Dapper Bunting

Robin Ross

‘Best of Blackpool’ Exhibition Details: http://kosmonaut.co/event/bestofblackpool/

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